Fit Guide


When a vintage garment fits you well, it's like ✨ magic ✨  We aim to take the mystery out of finding a good fit and make sure you love your Puck Vintage purchase. 

Every garment has detailed measurements, as well as notes on fabric and fit. Measurements are taken with the garment laying flat and doubled where appropriate (bust, waist, hip, etc).  This is the exact measurement of the garment, so please remember to allow space for your ease and movement - especially for coats, sweaters & other layering pieces.  If you have questions or need more information on a piece, please contact us! 



To measure yourself, use a soft flexible measuring tape to wrap around your body.  Make sure to do so while wearing undergarments that you would wear with the item. Always remember to leave a little room for ease.

⚘ BUST:  Measure over the fullest part of your bust. If you will wear a bra or specific undergarment while wearing the item, wear it for measurements as well.

⚘ UNDERBUST:  Measure around the fullest part of your ribcage, below your breasts.

⚘ WAIST:  Measure around the smallest point of your torso.

⚘ HIP:  Measure around the fullest part of your hips. This is usually about 8" - 9" below your waist. This will depend on your body type. The fullest part may include your butt and/or upper thigh. 

⚘ SHOULDER TO WAIST:  Measure from the top of your shoulder, where your shirt seam would lie, down the front of your body, across the apex of your bust, ending at the waist.

⚘ LENGTH:  Measure from the top of your shoulder, where your shirt seam would lie, down the front of your body, to the point that you'd like the hem to hit.  



A sure fire way to find a great fit is to measure an item of clothing you already love!  Make sure the style and fabric is somewhat similar and lay flat to measure.  Ensure the fabric is smooth and measure as follows:

❁ SHOULDER:  Measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. If there is no seam, measure where the shoulder naturally tapers. We like to do this with the item face down for an accurate measurement. 

❁ BUST:  Measure from underarm seam at the armpit across the chest to the opposite underarm seam. Double that number.

❁ LENGTH:  Measure from where the neck and shoulder meet, down to the bottom hem.

❁ SLEEVE:  Measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.

❁ WAIST:  Measure across the waistband or the smallest portion of the bodice, then double that number. 

❁ RISE:  Measure from the crotch seam up to the top of the waistband.

❁ HIP:  Measure roughly 9" below the waist. For fitted items, this is usually the widest part of the garment.  For pants this is usually where the bottom of the zipper hits. Double that number.

❁ INSEAM:  Measure from the crotch seam down to the bottom hem.  



Most vintage items don't fall neatly into an exact standard size.  Often vintage clothes were made or altered to precisely fit to the original owner's measurements.  As a guide, we always note the approximate size we believe the garment will fit best, based on the size chart below.

Depending on style, cut, fabric and your desired fit, often garments will fall in between sizes.  To ensure a perfect fit, always double check your measurements against the listing.  

Bust Waist Hip
XXS 0 31.5 24 34
0 32.5 25 35
2 33.5 26 36
4 34.5 27 37
6 35.5 28 38
8 36.5 29 39
10 37.5 30 40
12 39 32 42
14 40.5 34 43
16 43 36 44.75
18 45 39 46.5
20 48.5 42 51.5
22 51 44 54
24 53 46.5 56
26 55 49 58.5
28 57 51.5 61
30 59 54 63.5