Sell Us Your Vintage

Looking to sell your vintage?!

We buy vintage both locally in the New York area and remotely!

We specialize in colorful and fun vintage from any time period prior to the 1990s.  If you have vintage items that fit the bill, we offer both cash or store credit.

How to sell

  • Email us photos of the items you're looking to sell - quick snaps are all we need!
  • Make note of any flaws so we get an idea of the item's condition.
  • Let us know the amount that you’re looking to get for the pieces. 
  • If you have a large collection, pick your favorite 5-10 items and snap a pic of those pieces. This gives us a sense of what you have. If we like what we see, then we can come to you to go through your whole collection!

Please email us at to show us your goods or setup up time for us to dig through your collection!